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Natural Dog Training: Essentials Package (DVD set, 50-foot leash)
The Natural Dog Training Special Offer Package includes:
  • Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals (a 2 DVD set) ($65.00 value)
  • 50 foot custom training leash ($33.95 value)
The total value of this package is $98.95 - your discounted price is $85.00 - a discount of over 14%!

Our price: $85.00
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Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals 2-DVD set
If you were walking through the woods with your dog without a leash, and you came across a deer, would you want your dog to chase the deer, or come when you call? What if your dog started running after a ball thrown into the street? Would you be able to control your dog, even in a dangerous or high-intensity situation?

Do you want a dog who gets along well with other dogs and people? Do you want a dog who’s quiet and content indoors, and full of playful energy when you’re outside? Do you want the peace of mind that you get from knowing that your interactions with your dog satisfy their deepest doggie desires? In these new DVDs, you will learn how to become the center of your dog’s emotional universe in order to get the results you desire.

Our price: $65.00
Quantity (564 available)
Extra Long High Visibility Dog Training Leash
These long leads are custom-made for the NaturalDogBlog. They’re 50 feet long, and made out of an ultra durable 1″-wide nylon, with a strong spring-loaded clasp. The color is a high-visibility hunter orange, which makes it VERY easy to see the leash in diverse environments – your backyard, the woods, a field, etc. The picture below gives you an idea of just how long 50 feet is. Yup, that’s my dog Nola in the distance!

Our price: $33.95