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Extra Long High Visibility Dog Training Leash

Extra Long High Visibility Dog Training Leash
As a dog trainer, it’s vitally important to me to have a leash that’s long enough to allow my dogs to run while still giving me total control. When I finally found the best possible leash, I had to have it CUSTOM MADE – because you basically can’t find a leash like this in your local pet shop. Or online, for that matter. If you can even find a leash that’s long enough, it will inevitably be made from inferior material, in the wrong color, and be prohibitively expensive. My goal is to offer these leashes at an affordable price so that you can see for yourself how having the right leash, the BEST leash, actually makes a huge difference when you’re working with your dog.

Hereʼs what makes this the ultimate dog leash:

  • Itʼs 50 feet long.  Long enough that your dog can actually run.
  • 1″ nylon.  This leash has substance.   It lies flat, not prone to tangles, and glides easily through your hands, even when wet.  It feels right!
  • Unmistakable bright Hunter Orange color.  You cannot miss this leash, as itʼs very visible against the natural landscape.
  • It makes you the envy of all the short-leashed people out there.
  • Great for dog training. You can train your dog as if they were off-leash, while still having the peace of mind that they wonʼt be able to run away.
  • Woven in the USA.  Dyed in the USA.  Made in the USA (with the exception of the bolt snap, which is imported).

A proven solution from a dog trainer

As a dog trainer, I can tell you that most people have the goal of having a dog who’s obedient when they’re off-leash, but since they train their dogs using a tight/short leash the dog learns to depend on the feedback from the leash.  This dependence makes a transition to off-leash obedience very difficult.  When you use a long lead (that simply drags on the ground behind your dog as a safety mechanism for the moments when your dog decides to take off), your dog learns how to do things such as coming when called and heeling without the restriction of a leash from the get-go.   So you’re actually training them to do things “off-leash” from the very beginning!  The transition back to “on-lead” (i.e. with you actually holding the leash) is much easier than the other way around.

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  • Author: Paul. Barnett
    could you ship this leash to England.
  • Author: Tim
    I just got the leash today and I love it! I took Doc, my 5 month old border collie, out for our afternoon excercise and fun. He was able to run full speed to play frisbee and I could make him bring the disc back everytime. After a few minutes he figured out if he brought me one disc I would throw the next one. Plus, I did not have to worry about him chasing anything or anyone. What a great day with my little buddy! I cannot wait for tomorrow.
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