I love hearing from you about how things are going. Below you'll find some of the many testimonials that I've received over the years from people who've gotten coaching from me, worked with my DVD set, or are using one of my custom-made training leashes.

My Dog is So Attentive Now

I'm using pushing in an at times distracting environment. My dog is really keyed into me and getting more so now that I'm doing it regularly.

It's a great way to train a dog.

Highly Recommend a Coaching Session

As one on one training wasn't an option for me and I don't consider myself a quick study when it come to trying and learn and understand dog training from a book or reading websites articles. So I contacted Neil and thanks to modern technology and Skype I arranged a phone consultation so that we could discuss were I'm at with NDT and how to move forward with Ty's training. It was GREAT, not only to be able to chat with some one who's been down the road I'm on but to have that help in understanding some of the ideas in NDT. I'm sure I'm looking at Ty in a different more positive light since chatting with Neil.

A big thanks to Neil for his time (as it did get late for him due to our time difference) and I look forward to our next chat. I do highly recommend to anyone who feels 'stuck' with their training or not understand something to arrange a chat instead of like I was fumbling around not fully understand whether what I was doing was right or not.

It really does help.
Chris, New Zealand

Amazing Results!

I’ve been pushing and playing tug with my 1 year old Lab (Aengus) each morning for the past month or so and the results have been tremendous. Before I started using NDT techniques, Aengus would give all of his energy to other dogs but not much to me or my wife.

Now, he leaps at me when we are pushing and tugging. I’ve also taught him to speak in the last couple of weeks and this really gets his energy up during our exercises. His recall over the past month has progressed to the point where I can immediately call him away from playing with other dogs. We also regularly play hide and seek with him and he comes charging after the hidden person.

My relationship with Aengus is so much more satisfying now and I look forward to making the bond even stronger. Thanks!
Don, New York

Natural Dog Training works - and is FUN!

Neil has an extraordinary understanding of dogs. Just as importantly, he understands people too. After all, successful dog training is at least as much about training us as training our dogs! Neil sensitively and generously shares his wealth of knowledge about dog behavior, clearly explaining and modeling effective dog training techniques. Through Neil, I learned to channel my dog's "energetic" nature and tap into her deepest canine desires so that she wanted to behave in a way that met my expectations. Even though I have lived with dogs for nearly my entire life, I am grateful to Neil, because he taught me more about dogs than I ever knew and he helped me to truly become my dog's best friend.

Lois, Maine

Our conversation really helped me...

Just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to train the neurotic new mom :). I found that our conversation helped redirect me. It also reminded me to chill out, let him be a puppy and not expect so much from him all while trying to better manage his environment and being more observant to his needs and helping fulfill them.

Looking forward to working with you in the future! Have a good day and thanks for being there for us.
Jill, Oregon

Extremely Helpful

First, I'd like to thank you for the Natural Dog Training DVDs. They are extremely helpful! I especially like the detail on the pushing exercise because I'd tried pushing before with my dog, and he'd balked - I hadn't understood all of the mechanics until I saw you perform the exercise. I'm sure I'll be able to help Tyler push now. 🙂 I've been trying to work with him in many ways, and this is by far the most helpful. My current goal is to get him to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test (just because). We're also going to be starting agility classes (again) soon. No other training method has been as effective as this one, and I look forward to training sessions now (Tyler does, too!).

Absolutely Would Recommend

Hi Neil, I'm glad to report that Martine is much more calm thanks to your techniques. He does not go hog wild when guests enter the house. Why? Because I redirect his energy to me.

I go up to complete strangers who are struggling with their dogs and recommend your dvd.
Rosalind, Washington

A Significant Shift

I received the DVDs and have watched disc 1. I want to focus on really getting the information from the first disc down before watching the second disc. I'm glad I bought the DVDs as seeing the action really helped me. I'm willing to try anything that falls within my range of "humane" with Tucker and so far, pushing and playing tug (where he always wins) has helped him overall to relax. He was already fairly relaxed (except around the neighbor's dogs) but I'm noticing he's more relaxed in more instances than before. And I'll testify that it's because of the pushing, the massage, and the tugging.

By the way, this morning, I consciously focused on keeping my own energy relaxed when feeding our 5 house dogs (I feed them all at the same time in the kennel kitchen/office, which is a small space); and as I asked each one to sit or lie down, I massaged them in a relaxing way, and by golly!, I noticed a significant shift. Feeding time can be frenzy time with the assortment we have: a JRT, a Bischon/Poodle mix, a Rottie, deaf Moses, and Tucker (aka the Giant NM Brown Dog), but I've been working on making it more of a quiet time.
Drea, New Mexico

A Place of Balance and Harmony

Natural Dog Training isn't about training. It's about connecting. Connecting to your dog on a level that no other form of training can accomplish. And through this connection, the training comes naturally.

Our dogs are doing great! Especially Roxy:) I've seen her handle some things recently that would have just thrown her over the edge before. Like a friend's dog she never met, running right up to her nose, and then pushing into her chest, and all Roxy did was sniff him. How awesome is that? 🙂
Sang, Washington