The Perfect Puppy Plan

Four Essential Steps for a Healthy, Happy Pup If you have a puppy, congratulations!  Now's the time to give a little thought to what you're actually going to do to get things right with your pup.  And it’s wise to think twice about your approach – because, as they...

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Rest in Peace Josie

I just got a bit of sad news.  Josie, an enthusiastic dog who was one of the stars of my instructional DVD set, is no longer with us. Josie also happened to have been one of the dogs that I worked with before this website existed, and it was my desire to have a more...

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A Significant Shift

I received the DVDs and have watched disc 1. I want to focus on really getting the information from the first disc down before watching the second disc. I'm glad I bought the DVDs as seeing the action really helped me. I'm willing to try anything that falls within my range of "humane" with Tucker and so far, pushing and playing tug (where he always wins) has helped him overall to relax. He was already fairly relaxed (except around the neighbor's dogs) but I'm noticing he's more relaxed in more instances than before. And I'll testify that it's because of the pushing, the massage, and the tugging.

By the way, this morning, I consciously focused on keeping my own energy relaxed when feeding our 5 house dogs (I feed them all at the same time in the kennel kitchen/office, which is a small space); and as I asked each one to sit or lie down, I massaged them in a relaxing way, and by golly!, I noticed a significant shift. Feeding time can be frenzy time with the assortment we have: a JRT, a Bischon/Poodle mix, a Rottie, deaf Moses, and Tucker (aka the Giant NM Brown Dog), but I've been working on making it more of a quiet time.
Drea, New Mexico