The Perfect Puppy Plan

Four Essential Steps for a Healthy, Happy Pup If you have a puppy, congratulations!  Now's the time to give a little thought to what you're actually going to do to get things right with your pup.  And it’s wise to think twice about your approach – because, as they...

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Rest in Peace Josie

I just got a bit of sad news.  Josie, an enthusiastic dog who was one of the stars of my instructional DVD set, is no longer with us. Josie also happened to have been one of the dogs that I worked with before this website existed, and it was my desire to have a more...

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Extremely Helpful

First, I'd like to thank you for the Natural Dog Training DVDs. They are extremely helpful! I especially like the detail on the pushing exercise because I'd tried pushing before with my dog, and he'd balked - I hadn't understood all of the mechanics until I saw you perform the exercise. I'm sure I'll be able to help Tyler push now. 🙂 I've been trying to work with him in many ways, and this is by far the most helpful. My current goal is to get him to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test (just because). We're also going to be starting agility classes (again) soon. No other training method has been as effective as this one, and I look forward to training sessions now (Tyler does, too!).