In case you missed the article on the subject of "Negative Reinforcement in Natural Dog Training" - please head over to check out the article and ensuing conversation.  I'm fond of the new terminology suggested by our reader Angelique "Energizer" and "Refocuser" - those seem to capture the spirit of what we're talking about without the negative connotations of "shock".  The floor is still open for discussion, though.

Allow me to bring a few other links to your attention.  Many of you might be aware that in my "other" life I've been working on music for an album for children.  On my Personal Development Blog I've started my Children's Music Giveaway (in honor of my approaching birthday), so head on over to enter the contest.  Plus there are links to some other giveaways going on right now (ACT FAST!) - so if you have a few minutes to spare, you might want to spend them entering contests for the chance to win some pretty cool things.

On another note, for all of you who have been using Natural Dog Training, I'd love to hear more about how it's going for you.  Do you have a blog?  Perhaps you'd consider telling your readers about your on-going experiences with natural dog training?  If you do - please let me know, I'd love to watch the story unfold on your blog.

Some more link love

We talk a lot about dog aggression (and how to stop it) here on our site - generally from the dog's point of view.  On her blog, Karen Shanley has recently written a couple of articles about how to avoid getting bitten by a dog (from the person's point of view).  Worthwhile tidbits of information for you (or to pass on to people who are concerned about that kind of thing).  The link I provided is to the first article, though make sure you check out the second article as well

Also, I often get requests from people who wonder how much training to do with a puppy.  Lee Charles Kelley has written a great article on the importance of play in your puppy's life.  As we've discussed here, many people are a bit overzealous with their puppy's training regimen (which might make for a disciplined puppy, but actually cause problems later in a dog's life).  It's a well-written article with ample evidence to back up the theory.

Finally, I think it's time for a new edition of our blog carnival.  You can submit an article for the 5th edition of the All About Dog Training blog carnival - and see your article featured here, on the naturaldogblog, on February 11th.  Deadline for submission is Saturday, Feb 9th.  I look forward to your submissions!