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How to Speak So Your Dog Will Listen
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Thank you for your interest in our teleseminar on How to Speak So Your Dog Will Listen. In this teleseminar, I'm going to show you some unique ways to connect with your dog and strengthen the emotional bond - and then how you can use that connection for airtight obedience and solving problems (e.g. aggression, anxiety, etc.).

You will learn:

  • The Biggest Mistake that people make when they're trying to train their dog (it's not what you think)
  • How to capture your dog's attention - no matter what's distracting them
  • Why traditional obedience training often fails in the moments when it counts most - and how to prevent that from happening.
  • Some practical steps you can practice with your dog to see changes in your relationship almost immediately.

Plus, we'll also allow some time for me to answer your questions about training and solving problems.

Please register for the teleseminar below, and then keep an eye out in your inbox for a confirmation e-mail from me.  Once you confirm, I will send you the call-in information for our teleseminar.  If you don't see something right away, make sure you check your spam box too!

Looking forward to talking with you on Thursday, December 9th at 8pm EST.