The Inner Game of Dog Training

Do you want better results with your dog?  A closer relationship?  A deeper understanding?

There's one thing that can have an enormous impact on your success with your dog, and it's completely under your control.  Get this right, and you have a foundation in place that's sturdy and conducive to the kind of relationship you want with your dog.  Get this wrong and even your best attempts, the best technique, will miss the mark.

What is the one crucial thing at the center of your progress with your dog (or lack thereof)?

I call it the Inner Game of Dog Training.  It's what's going on within you when you work, train, and play with your dog.  And it has the single largest impact on the results of anything that you do.

I've put together a simple method that will make it easy for you to get on the right track.  We're in the final stages of getting the guide ready for publication.

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