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Natural Dog Training DVD set

New Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals DVD set develops obedience; creates deeper emotional bond

First and only instructional DVDs to teach proven techniques of Natural Dog Training

PORTLAND, Me. – July 21, 2009 – Expert dog trainer and creator of Natural Dog Blog ( Neil Sattin today released Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals, a new two-DVD set that teaches the basics of Natural Dog Training. The first and only DVDs to teach Natural Dog Training, the two-disc set is an ideal way for the average dog to learn basic and advanced obedience at home, without a professional trainer, and gain the benefits of a deeper emotional connection with their human. The DVDs cover introductory techniques as well as address more challenging situations like dog aggression, anxiety, fearfulness, and hyperactivity.

Skills covered in Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals include:

  • Sit, down, stay; how to achieve an insta-down when the dog is energized or in danger
  • A recall (“come!”) that works even when the dog is extremely interested in something else
  • How and why to “be the moose” in the dog’s life
  • Play-training such as tug-of-war and “fetch-tug,” and why the dog should always win
  • Getting the dog to relax and be attracted to their owner even at increasing levels of energy and stimulation

“Natural Dog Training taps into our dogs’ deepest instincts and lets us see the world through their eyes, or, more accurately, feel the world through their hearts,” said Sattin.

“These DVDs show any dog owner how to honor the true inner workings of their dog’s nature in the process of training, which makes it easy to channel your dog’s energy into the behaviors that you want.”

Natural Dog Training was established in the 1980s by Kevin Behan ( based on the philosophy of using a dog's emotional interaction with the world, in particular their prey drive, to elicit obedience and solve problems like aggression and hyperactivity. Behan, Sattin and other proponents of Natural Dog Training strive to make the human the most attractive object in the dog’s emotional universe, by answering a dog’s most important question: ”what do I do with my energy?”

“Neil’s special attention to the true nature of dogs can help any owner connect with their dog,” said Behan. “I am tremendously pleased that these Natural Dog Training DVDs are available on the market so that all dog lovers can finally benefit from these techniques and use them today with their own pets in their own backyards.”

“Neil Sattin speaks with quiet authority as he masterfully illustrates the fundamentals of this remarkable new training system,” said bestselling author and Psychology Today columnist Lee Charles Kelley ( “You can see, right in front of your eyes, how these techniques gradually change a dog’s energy from distracted, anxious, or ‘disobedient’ to a kind of calm yet playful gravitation toward his owner.”

Cliff Abrams, Anne von Stuelpnagel, and their dog Lenny from Cos Cob, Conn. had an opportunity to preview Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals. “I'm not the world's most mystical guy, but I definitely felt an emotional connection if not a physical one as Lenny 'gave' me his energy, so to speak. He is very enthusiastic about the training, and I can't wait to take him outside to practice fetch-tug again. He has been calmer, more focused, more patient and just more fun to be around.”

Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals is available at and The two-disc set sells for $65. For an online preview “trailer” please see

About Neil Sattin

Neil Sattin is one of the nation’s leading experts in Natural Dog Training. He writes the Natural Dog Training Blog (, the web’s most comprehensive resource on the art and science of Natural Dog Training, visited by thousands of dog lovers per month who use the technique personally and professionally. Natural Dog Training uses a dog’s emotional awareness of the world and their prey drive to develop a deeper emotional connection between dogs and their human companions, teach obedience, and solve problems like dog aggression, anxiety, fearfulness, and hyperactivity. Sattin began studying Natural Dog Training after being told by a prominent trainer that his beloved rescue dog Nola should be euthanized because of her aggression, and after embarking on a career of private training and group workshops, and designing and producing an ultra-long, ultra-durable, high-visibility training lead, he produced the Natural Dog Training series of DVDs to help dog owners learn the techniques at home, without a professional. For more information please see


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