Special Offer for Natural Dog Training Teleclass Participants

Thank you so much for participating in our Natural Dog Training teleclass.  We talked about some basic techniques that will have a transformational effect on your relationship with your dog, as well as a covering a new way of understanding your dog's emotional life.  Using the methods that I teach on Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals, you will:

  • Strengthen the emotional connection you have with your dog
  • See your dog responding to you no matter how energized they are, or how distracting the environment is
  • Learn how to work with your dog's energy, how to see and feel the world the way that your dog does
  • Have more fun with your dog (best of all)

Special Offer for Natural Dog Training Teleclass Participants

We have put together a package especially for participants in our teleclass.  For one low price, you will receive:

Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals
(value: $65.00)

My DVD set takes you step-by-step through the techniques of Natural Dog Training.

On DVD #1, The Basics, you learn exactly how your dog is feeling the world, and how to "be the moose" in your dog's life. I show you exactly how to increase your dog's attraction to you whenever your dog is attracted to something else out in the environment. These techniques alone can also literally transform an aggressive dog into a much more relaxed, social companion. You also learn some exceptional play-training techniques that will reinforce your "mooseness" in your dog's life AND give you a fun way to exercise your dog on a physical AND emotional level.

DVD #2, Mastering Obedience, will show you exactly how to turn your dog's increased attraction to you into rock-solid obedience. Your dog will:

  • Heel attentively at your side in stressful situations
  • Stay in a down position, focused on you, for as long as you desire
  • Drop to a down instantly, even at a distance away from you
  • Come back to you no matter what "out there" as attracted their attention

And YOU will develop an effortless way of interacting with your dog, where you both anticipate each other's desires as you make your way through the world. All using techniques that are positive, non-coercive, and, best-of-all, fun!

The BEST leash for training your dog
(value $30.00)best dog training leash

This custom-made 50 foot training leash, in hunter orange is perfect for training or play. It gives you absolute control and confidence, and the freedom to focus on your dog instead of on leash management. Made in the U.S.A. from 1" nylon, this leash will last you through many seasons of fun with your dog.

All together, this entire package has a value of $95.00.

As a thank you for participating in our teleclass, I am offering a package price of $85.00 (plus S&H), more than 10% off the retail price of all the items combined.

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