happy feelingsAs I wait for my son to arrive (he was due last Tuesday…still waiting!), I’ve been thinking about where to dive in on this blog.  I started writing about Hypnobirthing, the method that Toni and I have been using to prepare for the birth, but somehow that seemed a bit premature – I do intend to tell you ALL about it after he arrives.  There are several blog entries within me about buying your first house and how to navigate the world of real estate.  Also, I have a TON of information about natural dog training that I want to share with you – at least several months’ worth of blog entries anyway – but I haven’t been sure, exactly, where to start.

Working with dogs has been, by far, some of the most rewarding work that I have done.  Over the past year, however, my computer-oriented work has become rather demanding on my time, and though I have tried to fit in new clients as they have called, available time has become scarce.  Living the well-rounded life often places some serious demands on my schedule, and one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned over the past several years is how to keep the well-rounded life from becoming the “totally-overwhelming” life.  That process often involves setting some limits, and I recognize that for the time being I’m unable to take on new clients.

It’s difficult to say “no” however.  Especially because I really believe in the method, and I have seen it work where other, more “traditional” methods have failed.  And I believe that almost all dogs (and people, for that matter) deserve a second chance.  Sometimes even a third chance.  One of my blog missions will be to provide you with as much detailed information about natural dog training as I can, and as these articles progress please feel free to send in questions about things that interest you, or that you think need further clarification.

Please note that I intend to share with you what I think I know about dogs, and what I have found to be true through my own experience (including my apprenticeship with Kevin Behan).  Some of what you read will affirm what you already know about dogs, while other things will challenge some of your basic assumptions.  We’ll talk about some of the very basics of dog behavior, sociability (and occasional lack thereof), and how to turn your high-strung dog into a relaxed companion with a whatever-may-come attitude. Just take a deep breath, open your mind, and dive in! 

And thanks again for stopping by.  🙂