I'm in Manhattan, taking in the sights and smells (and observing people with their city dogs) with the family. Since I'm supposed to be on "vacation", I thought I'd give you the link to the following blog carnival, where my article on playing tug-of-war with your dog has been selected for inclusion.

Check it out - there are articles on other dog topics, as well as an article from a woman who went from dog-trainer to self-made millionaire. Now that's worth duplicating! (maybe)
Blog Carnival at free-dog-tips.com

The city's amazing, especially as you watch the prey/predator dynamic at work with the HUMAN inhabitants. All my work with Kevin Behan is coming in handy in entirely new way...though I probably won't be starting naturalhumanblog.com any time soon.

Hope all's well with you out there in blog-land, and, as usual, thanks for stopping by!