We have some great submissions for the 2nd edition of "All About Dog Training" for your reading enjoyment and your training edification.  This month's selections offer you some useful nuances for the very basics of dog training.  Read on for thoughts about teaching your dog their name, getting your dog to come to you when you're at the dog park, house training your dog on cue, and patience in your training regimen.

Sarah Filipiak presents Teach Your Dog His Name - For Real, Though posted at German Shepherd Central.  In this article, Sarah clearly articulates the clicker training method for teaching your dog his name.  I plan to take her up on the free ice cream offer one of these days, too.  Sarah's just getting her blog off the ground, so stay tuned for the barrage of getting-a-blog-started articles that are sure to be on their way.

Next, Karen Shanley presents Housetraining Your Dog and Putting It on Cue posted at Karen Shanley: Author Mom with Dogs.  Have you ever been standing outside on a brutally cold (or hot) day with your dog, waiting and waiting and waiting for "the business" to occur (and I'm not talking Flight of the Conchords business time here)?  Imagine, in those moments, being able to make it happen with a verbal cue - and then head on over to Karen's blog to read about how to train your dog to do this very thing.  Karen has been on writing hiatus recently to work on a different project, but her archives contain lots of valuable information about all sorts of aspects of dog training - along with some great slice-of-life writing as well.

We also have a great article by fellow Natural Dog Training-inspired trainer Lee Charles Kelley: Coming When Called at the Dog Run posted at Lee Charles Kelley (his blog).  His article discusses some strategies for teaching your dog to come when called that will work especially well at the dog park - and he also teaches you how to incorporate hide-n-seek to make yourself even more prey-like (and desirable) in your dog's eyes during this high energy situation.  If you've ever wondered how you can work with your dog AT the dog run to get them to come when called, or had trouble getting your dog outta there when it's time to head home, this article will give you the solution you've been looking for.

I had hoped that my new NaturalDogBlog design would be in place for this carnival, but alas, it wasn't in the cards.  In the spirit of "patience", for this blog carnival edition I'm going to direct you to this article here on NaturalDogBlog.com:  Patience and a Positive Mindset in Training:  Turning a Problem into an Opportunity.  In it I talk about changing your perspective when you're dealing with "problems" with your dog, and how important your filter can be in terms of accurately diagnosing a problem and coming up with a truly effective solution. 

Thanks for coming by for the 2nd edition of the All About Dog Training blog carnival, and thanks to our authors for their submissions.  If you are also writing about dog training, you can submit your blog article to our next edition using our carnival submission form.  Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.  If you have any questions or have a suggestion for an article, please let us know in the comments, or you can send e-mail to me at:  neil at naturaldogblog dot com.