Gearing up for the weekend here - it's getting chilly!  I wanted to let you know that the naturaldogblog store is now open for business, where you can purchase the long training leads that I've been mentioning in my articles.  They're quite durable (I've been using the same one for YEARS now), very high-visibility, and indispensible when it comes to training your dog to be just as good off-leash as they are on-leash.

Monday we'll be seeing the 3rd edition of the "all about dog training" blog carnival.  For all the trainers out there, it's not too late to submit your articles about dog training for consideration.

Also, I wanted to give a shoutout to  Welcome to all the visitors from Pamibe!  Pam put together the "Canine Carnival", and she selected my article about "how to play tug-of-war with your dog" to go with the other general canine-oriented articles in the carnival.  Check out her site, and let her know the naturaldogblog sent ya!

Have a great weekend!