Welcome to the 4th edition of the all about dog training blog carnival.  I'm not sure how many more of these carnivals I'm going to host, so let me know if you're finding these useful, or if you'd just rather hear more Natural Dog Training info.  After weeding out some obviously spamiferous submissions, I think I've whittled it down to the few bloggers who put some sincere effort into submitting something relevant.  Much appreciated!

Eric Frey tells us about how to know if your dog is overweight.  Learn the signs, and then, if your dog is overweight, do something about it!

P.L. Frederick has a few things to say about her dog's encounter with a skunk.  The post contains a useful link to methods for removing skunk smell (I've had luck with the dish soap/hydrogen peroxide technique - although I would not use a dishwashing detergent - I'd just use some good ol' Dawn), and I love her Zen comment "Stink touch all" in relation to how smell might be just as effective a means for maintaining the world's equilibrium. 

A note before you read the following two articles:  Here on the Natural Dog Training blog, we have barely even discussed the notion of "corrections".  I will be addressing that topic in the future, but suffice to say that I definitely don't use them the way that a dog trainer would traditionally use them.  That all being said, I am including these submitted articles in the all about dog training blog carnival so that you can familiarize yourself with the "traditional" way of thinking about negative reinforcement - so in our future discussions you will be able to see the difference in the Natural Dog Training approach to "shocks".

At her Pet Expertise Dog Training blog, Jessica Rollins writes about how to reward good behavior and discourage bad behavior (in a dog) throughout your normal daily routine.  She'll get you thinking about the positive behaviors your dog might be displaying that you weren't even conscious of, and gives you some tips on methods you might choose to "discourage" bad behaviors in your dog.

Finally, at the Dog Sport Network, Bob Levy writes an article entitled "Let's Bring Back the Old School" focusing on good ol' fashioned negative reinforcement.

Thanks again to all of the bloggers who participated in this edition of the All About Dog Training blog carnival.  Stay tuned for information on overcoming separation anxiety, later this week here on the Natural Dog Training Blog.  Are there other topics that you'd like to see addressed?  Let me know.