Thanks to everyone for the enthusiastic response to my earlier post about the Natural Dog Training DVD. You've really helped fuel me through the writing of the DVD script - something that has become somewhat grueling as I've been trying to distill many of my earlier articles into something that will translate well into video. Still, I'm really excited - and you should be excited too - because you're going to get not just one DVD, but actually TWO Natural Dog Training DVDs. I've spoken to my director, and not only are we going to tackle tug-of-war and pushing, but we are also going to film content for a second DVD on how to use Natural Dog Training for obedience. The obedience training DVD will include all of the "box work" (Sit/Down/Stay) AND the as-yet-to-appear-on-the-blog Natural Dog Training technique for heeling.

The reason I'm keeping them separate is that I want to more-or-less approximate the lesson structure that I use when working with people in person. It will give each DVD a crystal-clear purpose, and hopefully keep anyone from being overwhelmed.

Enough of you said that you would be interested in pre-ordering that I will be setting up a pre-ordering page sometime in the near future. When the DVDs are finally released, they will be available for purchase separately, or together with a discount. The pre-order pricing will give you a discount on top of all of those prices. So please stay tuned for that.

On a final note, there was also quite a bit of interest in having a Natural Dog Training forum. Hopefully that interest will actually drive participation - and I think it will be a worthwhile experiment that will give all you Natural Dog Trainers a place to discuss the work that you're doing and give each other mutual support. That'd be the goal, anyway.

Anywho, I just thought I'd share my appreciation for your support AND my enthusiasm for the project, although my workload did just DOUBLE. So I'm going to get back to script-writing, and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Oh, there is one last thing. If you are in the Portland, Maine area, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to need a few extra dogs for some of the DVD scenes. My goal will be to show people how the exercises look with a different dog or two (Nola will still be the star) - as a means for truly illustrating what the process could look like with an entirely "green" dog. I'm also going to need a dog for the "how to redirect your dog when they get excited/aggressive around other dogs" section. So if you'd like to get a little free Natural Dog Training and have it preserved for posterity on video (and you live in the Portland area), please drop me a line through my contact form and we'll discuss the details. Please tell me as much about your dog as you can to help me in figuring out who'll fit the bill. Currently we're planning the shoot, weather permitting, for the 17th and 19th (a Friday and a Sunday) of October. Fingers crossed for good weather!

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