Happy New Year everyone!  I wanted to share with you a link that I received from Trisha Selbach, the co-host of "Quantum Canine" with Kevin Behan.  They've been working on a TV show for public access TV in Vermont (probably in preparation for the National Geographic channel), and it's available to watch FREE via Streaming Webcast.  The show is being done in a talk show Q&A format, with video clips.  It's a great opportunity for you to learn all about Natural Dog Training from Kevin Behan in his own words.

First off here is the link for Falls Area Community Television.  Once you go to the Falls Area TV website, look for the button in the sidebar for "Streaming Webcasts" - and click on that.  If they have something streaming at the moment, you'll be able to watch it.  Now "Quantum Canine" is scheduled for Sundays at 6pm EST, and Thursdays at 8pm EST - so those are the ONLY times you'll be able to actually watch Kevin and Trisha and get your dose of Natural Dog Training wisdom.

Dogs and Energy

The last episode discussed something that we've talked about a lot here - dogs and energy.  Kevin talks about how Natural Dog Training's purpose is to energize a dog and teach a dog how to function in harmony with their human while in an energized state.  All energy is GOOD energy.  That's one of the things that I think makes Natural Dog Training so compelling - because you can see how a dog can "be a dog" and still fit right in with the human world.  The energy is there for us to learn how to work with it.  So if you deny the energy's presence, you're missing out on many opportunities for new discoveries and an enhanced relationship with your dog.  One of Kevin's great lines: If a guy falls out of a building, you don't say 'Well, I guess there was just too much gravity that day'.

To our dogs, emotional energy is like gravity - it exists.  There's no use denyin' it.  Instead, you learn how to channel it.  

Let me hear how you like the show!  Hopefully we'll get those forums going soon, so we can have post-episode discussion groups.  Next on the list, next on the list.

Quick Natural Dog Blog Update - DVDs and Personal

And for those of you who are looking for a quick update - voiceovers are almost done - then it's off to the editor for the big "pull-together".  I've been assured (again and again) that the amount of pre-editing work pays off in terms of streamlined editing process.  So let's just assume that'll be the case.

In other news (if you're still paying attention) - my daughter Zella Joy was born on December 18th.  Everyone here is happy and healthy, Dash (my son) has welcomed his sister with open and inquisitive arms, and we're gradually getting our bearings.  So there's a lot going on - but that's just the story of my life.  Thankfully, that's something I AM accustomed to.