Listen, I know I've been out of touch.  I just want you to know that's because if I have ANY free time at all (remember:  new baby?) - it's been devoted to getting these DVDs ready-to-ship.  I have some good news for you.  We are almost completely finished with Natural Dog Training DVD #1 - The Fundamentals! And while we tie up the loose ends on that DVD, we dive headfirst into DVD #2 - Natural Dog Training obedience.

Hopefully I'll have some sort of trailer (teaser?) here before too long.  Also, I'm not sure at this point whether #1 will be ready to ship prior to #2 - in all likelihood, they'll have to go to duplication together.  But fear not, my eager readers!  We are definitely in the home stretch.  And I'm psyched!  I really think that these DVDs are going to be what you're looking for - easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction in Natural Dog Training techniques, with plenty of footage of dogs-in-action so you'll know that you're getting it right.  So, don't pop the popcorn yet, but do get the kettle ready.

Also - thank you to all of you who have been writing lately with comments and questions.  I regret that I can't be more timely in my responses at the moment.  I'm slowly getting caught up - but will have much more time available once the Natural Dog Training DVDs are out the door.  Plus, they'll probably answer a bunch of your questions anyway, right?  Just know that your correspondence is not going unnoticed - and, if anything, it will ensure that you have a well-thought-out response when I finally do come up for air.

All's well here in the family.  We're settling into the two-children routine quite well.  Poor Nola isn't getting NEARLY the attention she deserves (hopefully the fan mail will pick up once the DVDs are out), but she's handling it well.  Slowly Dash (our 2-year-old) is showing her a more moderate (read: tolerable) degree of affection, so that at least is a bright spot in her new-to-the-backseat life.  DVD time for me tends to be 3am - but I suppose that's a fringe benefit to the "newborn in the house" schedule.

Feeling updated?  Getting excited?  I hope so!