First, I just wanted to let you know that work on the Natural Dog Training DVDs is in the home stretch.  We recently finished the full rough edit of DVD #2 (the obedience DVD) - which means there's just a little bit of refining to do, and then everything is off to the presses!  The Obedience DVD will take you, step-by-step, through the complete Natural Dog Training obedience sequence:  box-work (sit/down/stay), heeling, and an iron-clad recall - all working with your dog's prey drive.  Plenty of content for your and your dog to have fun with.

First and a half - I joined the Twittering ranks.  You can follow me here:

Second, some of you might have noticed that I've changed the Natural Dog Training DVD preorder page.  Since I announced the DVDs I've been offering them separately AND as a set.  Well, as it turns out, everyone who's ordered (with one exception), wanted the set!  So, the DVDs are now going to be packaged and sold exclusively as a set.  You weren't really planning to buy them separately, were you?

Third, most of you have probably heard of Lee Charles Kelley, one of the other prominent Natural Dog Trainers out there.  Well, it seems that he's been picked up as a blogger by none other than Psychology Today!  Here is a link to his Psychology Today blog - head over and leave a comment or two!  Lee Kelley has been a great public advocate for Natural Dog Training, and I'm so psyched that he's going to be able to bring the word to an even larger audience.

Fourth, I just got word that Kevin Behan's new book is due to be published sometime in 2010.  Another something exciting to look forward to, and you'll be hearing more about that in the months to come.  It's gonna be a big deal when it finally hits the shelves.

And finally - I just wanted you to know that I'll be back to bloggin' in fuller force once these Natural Dog Training DVDs are off for duplication.  I have a backlog of ideas for blog articles, and we'll also be getting the forum going - particularly to help those of you who are working with the DVDs connect with each other, but also for those of you Natural Dog Trainers at large looking for some community (or some advice).

Hope you're having a great spring, and keep in touch!