Tomorrow (Tuesday September 15, 2009) I am going to be appearing LIVE on FamilyNet TV to talk about Natural Dog Training and my instructional DVD set.  The program is called Mornings with Lorri and Larry - and it's broadcast simultaneously on FamilyNet TV (check your local TV listings to figure out what channel) AND on Sirius Radio channel 161.  I'm scheduled to appear from 8:08 am to 8:20 am (a full twelve minutes!) Eastern Time.  And yes, I'm now here in Atlanta, enjoying the buzzing of the insects and the warm breeze on the veranda.

If you're not sure which channel is FamilyNet TV in your area, you can go to this link to find out.  Just put in your state, and it should show you the cable providers in your area, along with which channel FamilyNet TV is on.

I hope to see you there tomorrow!

On a side personal note - our housing search appears to have finally ended!  We've found a lovely farmhouse in Yarmouth, Maine - and assuming all goes as planned, we'll be there sometime in mid-October.  Not having a place to live was getting to be QUITE distracting - so it's nice to know that we'll be landing soon and able to focus on - your regularly scheduled Natural Dog Training programming.