For those of you who missed the Natural Dog Training webinar from this past Thursday, you can catch the replay on the Dog Training Secret website. I talk a little about my story (which is really Nola's story), some basic "how Natural Dog Training works" theory, and then I give some instruction on pushing and redirection (with pictures - which are actually stills from the DVDs). At the end there's a special offer that might particularly interest those of you who have yet to purchase Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals or one of my training leashes. (fyi - the audio quality gets better as the webinar progresses - turns out that I needed to switch from my headset to my cellphone)

Follow up: At the moment it appears that the replay isn't working quite right - I will let you know in this post when it's running correctly.

Of course if you just want to see what the special offer is, you can go to And for those of you who already got the goods - don't worry, there are other special offers in store come 2010. Be on the lookout - probably in your inbox.

Special thanks to Chet Womach of the Dog Training Secret for having me as a guest, and all my best to all of you.