I like to keep an eye out for when discussions about the Naturaldogblog occur on other sites.  Usually when this happens I'll see that there are a bunch of visitors from a particular forum, and so I'll go visit the forum to see what they're talking about.  I'm mostly interested in answering questions that people have, or clearing up points of confusion.  At this point, there are enough people who actually care to learn about what I do that I don't feel like arguing about whether or not I'm "right" is worth the effort.  Sometimes it takes a LOT of discipline to not fully join in the fray.

So this week started off with my seeing mention of the naturaldogblog, in particular the "pushing" technique, in the forum over at Dogwise.  One of the forum members had a reasonable question, which was followed by some answers (and some skepticism) and so I figured I'd do my best to clear up any confusion.  I've looked at it as an interview (which is why I've posted this article in the "Interviews" category) - but it's different, of course, since it has been, at times, more like an interrogation.  The conversation has gone on long enough, and has been informative enough, that I thought you'd really enjoy checking it out.

Link to the Conversation about Natural Dog Training at the Dogwise forum

Just a quick note:  I don't expect (nor do I desire) anyone here to jump into the discussion in defense of Natural Dog Training.  I'm extremely cautious about having entered a new place, and wanting the people there to understand that I respect their rules for discussion. As you'll see, it's been a challenge to keep the discussion from becoming too polarizing.  And at this point it seems like that thread has served its purpose, and ended on a positive note (so if you really do want to talk, maybe start another thread?).  I'm really just posting this link here because I think that it will be useful for you, both in terms of understanding my approach to dog training (and discussions) better, and also to get some additional perspective on how the techniques of Natural Dog Training might make sense to someone, even when they don't buy into the metaphors that we like to use.  Plus, I spent the better part of the week there (instead of here) - and I want all of you to get some benefit out of that!

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