One of the most prolific writers on the web about Natural Dog Training is Lee Charles Kelley.  He has a blog on Psychology Today's website, his own blog, a ning community for dog training discussions, and his expert advice appears online in discussion forums the whole world wide web over.  Plus, he's a bestselling mystery author whose protagonist is an ex-cop dog trainer who uses - you guessed it - Natural Dog Training techniques.  So it was only "natural" to get Lee on the line to talk about his unique approach and give you all some additional helpful information about how to incorporate Natural Dog Training in your relationship with your dog.

In this wide-ranging conversation we talk about:

  • Why Lee thought Natural Dog Training was crazy - until he cured a dog's aggression with a tennis ball
  • How to use Natural Dog Training techniques in an urban environment
  • Why play is the most important thing to do with your dog
  • Why you want your dog to sniff
  • The most important 3-letter word in your vocabulary:  YES
  • And much, much more

Plus you can hear the one question I asked that made Lee Charles Kelley cry.  Don't worry, it's a good thing.

Here's a link for you to download the audio (or you can use the player below).  Please listen and enjoy!  And keep an eye out, as we'll probably be doing another free conference call - this time with Lee Charles Kelley so he can answer your questions live!

Neil Sattin Interviews Lee Charles Kelley

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