If you received this post via your feedreader, you got a sneak preview of the "learning the basics" page, which I recently completed - you can see it if you click on the "learn the basics" link above. 

You might also notice that the homepage (naturaldogblog.com) is now an introduction to the site (you're no longer redirected to the blog) - so to get directly to the blog you're going to have to come to naturaldogblog.com/blog (or just click on the "blog" link above). 

The Archives page is fully functional. 

And, if you've been wondering how I'm making a living doing all of this writing, please consider visiting the "donate" page, which is also newly active.

Still to come:  services, the store, the contact page, and...videos! 

In the meantime, as always, feel free to reach me: neil at naturaldogblog dot com