I know this is a blog about natural dog training, but I have to tell you about the effect that using Rescue Remedy (one of the Bach flower essences) has had on my cat, Violet.  For most of her life, Violet's first name could have been "Shrinking" - she has lived her life in a general state of nervous anxiety that kept her away from strangers and found her hiding in some corner whenever something changed in our house (like moving a chair from one room to another).  That all changed with a few daily drops of Rescue Remedy in her water.

Seriously, she has become a different cat.  The other day we had about 15 people over for the reading of a friend's screenplay, and she happily hopped from lap to lap, getting attention from everyone in the room.  I've noticed her playing with random bits of paper that she finds, and she has been able to tolerate the other animals of the house (including our 9-month-old son, Dash) being very close to her without feeling the need to do anything but sniff whoever it is.  The only thing that has changed for her is the addition of those 3 drops of Rescue Remedy to her water dish, so I have to conclude that Rescue Remedy is working wonders for lovely, newly-extroverted, anxiety-free Violet.

violet lounges like a queen after rescue remedy

Now I've also been trying the Rescue Remedy in Nola's water dish - but I haven't noticed any changes nearly as profound.   But if you're having an issue with your cat or dog, why not try a little Rescue Remedy in their water dish?  The cost is minimal (on a drop-by-drop basis), and the potential benefit is, apparently, enormous.  If you decide to give it a whirl, let me know if you notice any similar changes in your pet. 

Hopefully you've noticed the tidying up on the NaturalDogBlog.  At this point all of the links above work, with the exception of the "store" - still have some Paypal figuring out to do in order to set that up.  Check out the Natural Dog Training services page and the contact page, which are now both fully functional.  What a relief it is to finally have this more-or-less wrapped up!