If you're returning to the NaturalDogBlog, you probably notice that something looks a little different.  That's right, a new design for the site is finally here!  Now if you've clicked around at all, you probably figured out that there are a lot of links that don't exactly DO anything yet - but have no fear, the tidying up is in the works.  I just couldn't look at that generic default wordpress template any longer, so I took the rough framework developed for me by the kind folks over at iknow.net (thanks Kevin and Dave), did a little doctoring, and...voila!  New Site!

Soon you'll be able to use the "learn the basics" section to get a more methodical approach, buy long leashes in the store, find out how to host a workshop, and so. much. more!  OK, maybe not too much more, but can you tell I'm excited?!  Now I just need to give neilsattin.com a similar makeover.  One step at a time, one step at a time.

So, if you notice any quirkiness of the new design in your browser, would you mind letting me know?  I tried to be as thorough as I could be in the testing, but there may be some things that I missed, and your help would be most appreciated.

If you haven't done it yet, head on over to my last post (What is Natural Dog Training Anyway?) and answer the 3 questions that I pose.  They're meant to get you thinking about your overall goal in training your dog, a "definition of values" that'll be helpful for you in your journey to having the happiest dog on the block.