When it's raining out, I enjoy the prospect of a day off from doggie activity.  Staying in PJs, lounging around the house, listening to Dylan, drinking tea, etc.  The only thing is, I don't think that Nola feels the same way!  Your dog probably doesn't either.  So what can you do with your dog when it's raining outside?

No matter what, I think that it's still important to maintain a distinction between the outdoor dog and the indoor dog.  Indoor dog=quiet and sleeping, outdoor dog=playing and hunting.  So when the rain comes down, you best be prepared...with really good rain gear.

 Seriously, apart from my long leash (and, of course, my apprenticeship with Kevin Behan), I think that the best investment I ever made - in my training and sense of style - was some good waterproof raingear.  I have waterproof

  1. Leather hiking boots from L.L. Bean.  These boots allow my feet to stay dry, and, since they're made for hiking, they also allow me to be active.  It's important for you to be able to be quick and stable on your feet when you're training - especially so when everything's a little extra slick from the rain. 
  2. Jacket (shell) and pants from EMS.  My EMS raingear is made to be worn over other clothes.  So on a rainy day I'll typically wear a couple of layers - long underwear, jeans/sweater, raingear.  Along with staying dry your next priority is staying warm.
  3. Old canvas fishing hat with a brim.  My old hat gives me a little more brim than my jacket alone offers, which helps to keep the rain out of my eyes (and off my glasses).  I don't worry so much about its being waterproof - as I pull my jacket hood up over the hat, and there's only a small part that's exposed (immediately over my eyes).  If your jacket hood brim is big enough, the old hat will give it some structure to keep it from going all floppy on you.

At a minimum, with the gear above (and perhaps some warm waterproof mittens) you should be able to take your dog for a nice brisk walk around the neighborhood.  If the rain isn't coming down too hard, you can probably also play a little tug in the backyard.  The best part, for me, is the way that I feel knowing that I can head out into the elements without any issues (the same gear works well for snow, too - just more layers - and heavier boots).  I never really knew how much the rain was slowing me down until I had raingear that was effective.  Now, when it rains, I embrace it.  And pour the hot tea as soon as I come back inside.