Happy Monday everyone.  You may notice something new on the site - some ads for a company called FetchDog.  While my focus here on the NaturalDogBlog is telling you all about Natural Dog Training, I have been exploring various partnerships to help generate revenue for this site.  I now have an affiliate relationship with FetchDog, which means that if you visit FetchDog by clicking through one of the ads on this site and make any purchases, FetchDog will contribute a portion of that purchase to the NaturalDogBlog.

A couple words about FetchDog.  Their goal is to be able to market high quality dog-oriented products, while also giving people an interactive online dog-centered community.  One of my former clients is involved in the company, and I have looked through their product line - what I have seen impresses me with their attention to the needs of dog owners.  I plan to try their various tug options, to see if any are perfectly suited for our tug-of-war exercises (though I'm still partial to the good ol' rubber hose).  Plus, Glenn Close has a dog-oriented blog on the site - so there's bound to be some interesting bits of dog info from the entertainment industry.

Now I want you to know that I DO support buying from local shops.  For instance, here in Portland there is a store called Fetch  (unaffiliated with FetchDog) that sells great dog (and cat) products, and there's also a great PlanetDog store here as well.  Generally I find that while buying local means paying a slightly higher price, I feel good about supporting the retailers who live here in my community.

For those of you who do a lot of shopping on the internet, however, nothing beats a good online store for finding useful and reasonably-priced dog related items.  That's where FetchDog comes in.  Additionally, you'll know that your purchases are helping to keep the NaturalDogBlog running.

My goal is to be able to spend the majority of my time working on providing you with the best Natural Dog Training information possible.  I don't want anything "commercial" to distract from this site's content.  I just wanted you to know that I am relying on things like this affiliate program, visits to the other advertisers on this site, leash purchases in the store, and donations.  After all, it takes a village - and you, my friends, are that village!

Thank you for all that you do!