Well, it's finally happened.  With the exception of "heeling", we've covered all of the basics of Natural Dog Training.  There are plenty of places to go from here, of course, but I feel that in some ways my basic goal has been accomplished - articulating an online primer for Natural Dog Training to enable all of you to get started with creating a dramatically new dynamic between you and your dog.  Ever since an anonymous piece of negative feedback, I've been on a mission to flesh out these articles with an eBook.  At this point, I have a solid outline, and the pieces are beginning to fall into place.  What I really need now, in order to make it come together, is time.  Time is difficult to come by in these parts, especially as I have been trying keep adding quality content on the Natural Dog Training Blog (which I needed to do, as I wanted to make sure that nearly all of the basics were covered). 

Additionally, some of you might be familiar with my foray into the Children's Music world (I've been mentioning it on Neil Sattin .com) - and at this point, between the music and the Natural Dog Training eBook, it has become apparent that the blogging has to hit the back burner for awhile.

First things first: A call for subscriptions to the Natural Dog Training Blog

You might notice that in the upper left hand corner of the page (at the top of the sidebar) there is now a link that allows you to Subscribe to the Natural Dog Training Blog RSS feed - either with an RSS reader, or using an e-mail address. Why subscribe? For one thing, when it comes to personal productivity, you are going to save time by being able to go to one place to get updates from all the blogs you care about (I use Google reader, which is a free service - and there are many others out there as well). Whenever I write something new, that new content will automatically appear in your RSS reader (or your e-mail), which eliminates the need for you to check back here looking for new content. Depending on how many blogs you read, centralizing them all into one reader could save you quite a bit of time on a daily basis.

I WILL still be working on my mission here, of course, which is to provide you with tools and information necessary to, as the tagline says, harness your dog's prey instinct and have the happiest dog on the block. I just won't be able to do it as often as I have been.

By subscribing to my site, you will ensure that whenever something new appears here, you'll get the news delivered directly to you. You'll be able to get the Natural Dog Training eBook when it's hot off the presses.  I will continue to write articles here, of course, only on a slightly more "relaxed" pace. We'll probably have a guest author or two (Kevin Behan himself has signed up), and we'll also get to hear more from readers-like-you about your experiences with (or questions about) Natural Dog Training.  And you'll also know the instant that the long-awaited "Natural Dog Training videos" become available (I have some raw footage that will be edited over the coming months).  So please, subscribe, and allow me to continue serving you to the best of my ability as I work on the Natural Dog Training eBook and kick the Children's Music thing into high gear. And when the blogging does swing back into normal speed, you'll have much less catching up to do. 🙂

Thanks in advance for subscribing!

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