Hello everyone in natural dog training blog-ville.  Thanks for your patience while I've been away.  I appreciate those of you who keep tuning in, or who have asked questions behind-the-scenes, and apologize that I haven't been able to respond.  I'll be sorting through the backlog slowly but surely.  And I'm excited that some better picture-taking weather is upon us, as the much-anticipated Natural Dog Training eBook needs some photos to bring it all together.

Now might be a good time to buy that clean, crisp 50-foot training lead that you've been wanting!  Excellent training weather is upon us (well, here in the Northeast, anyway).

I also wanted to announce that I'm teaching a day-long Natural Dog Training seminar to benefit SAP Rescue, a dog rescue organization in Vermont.  If you live in New England, consider coming out for the day on May 17th (at the Bridgewater Vermont Elementary School) to learn more about Natural Dog Training firsthand.  There are limited slots for those with dogs (still available, I believe, at the time of this writing), but there is a reduced rate (and, theoretically, plenty of room) for those of you who just want to come as auditors.

Finally, I was talking to Kevin Behan last night, and we're thinking about hosting an internet radio show devoted to Natural Dog Training, exploring animal consciousness, and other interesting dog-related things.  This will be a GREAT opportunity for you to have your questions answered - think "Car Talk" for dogs.  If you wouldn't mind dropping me a line or leaving a comment, I'd love to hear from those of you who'd be interested in such a show.  If you'd like to be contacted as part of the initial broadcast, let me know.  We'll be sorting out the details of how this'll work (you'll probably need a broadband internet connection and skype) in the near future.

Happy Springtime!  All you would-be natural dog training enthusiasts need to get out there and start pushing!  Just wear something that you won't mind getting a little bit...muddy.  And - if you haven't done it yet - please subscribe to the natural dog blog.  Look over in the sidebar for details on how to do that.