Now that the Natural Dog Training DVDs are finally done, it's time to get back to work around here.  Many of you might have noticed the "forum" link in the menu bar here on the Naturaldogblog - and even clicked over to see what was happening there.  With a notable exception or two (thank you Jen!) - absolutely nothing!  However, now that the DVDs are out, and there seems to be more and more energy around Natural Dog Training in general, I thought I'd finally flesh out the forum a bit more.

I changed from bbPress over to vBulletin (which seems to still be the standard software for on-line forums), and have created some categories that, I hope, make sense.  Please let me know if you think of something else that should be added.  Everything there, while in a different color scheme than the rest of NaturalDogBlog, is completely functional.  So head on over to the Natural Dog Training Forum, register for an account, and introduce yourself!  And let the Natural Dog Training discussions begin!

For the moment I'm going to continue using the comments here on the blog as a place to discuss the articles themselves.  However, at some point it might make sense to move those discussions over to the forum as well - time will tell, I suppose.  It's my hope that we can use this forum to answer any how-to questions you're having, talk theory, and, most importantly, connect with other Natural Dog Training enthusiasts around the world.  As you work with the Natural Dog Training DVDs, the Natural Dog Training Forum will be a great place for you to pose any questions that you might have and get answers from knowledgeable NDTers around the world.  Or me.  Or both.