My instructional DVD set, Natural Dog Training: The Fundamentals, was just reviewed in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  What I like about this review is that the author, Rhonda Owen, allowed herself to be skeptical - but then went on to actually talk about the merits and specifics of the DVDs.  There's also a great cartoon - although I would have preferred a moose instead of a chicken!  Check out this .pdf version of the article to see what I'm talking about.

For those of you who have a subscription to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette (you need a paid subscription in order to view the article on their site - which is why I included the link to the .pdf above) you can check out the article here (and leave comments).

What's the news with Naturaldogblog?

The past few months have been - full, to say the least.  DVDs are "launched", new website designed, forum running, articles written.  Plus my family and I have moved - twice.  We're finally in our new digs, just getting things sorted out.  I'm headed out to the Pacific Northwest in a couple of weeks (Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland OR) for a few more media appearances (keep an eye out for announcements).

I'm also working on getting back into the groove.  I have an enormous backlog of "things to blog about" (although feel free to send suggestions my way), and I'm also going to be launching a newsletter, where you can get special information and tips, as well as discounts on Naturaldogblog phone consultations and merchandise (so keep an eye out for that as well).

Also, those of you who are local might be excited to know that I'm getting my floatation tank back up and running.  So we'll have a new format available (particularly for the first lesson): you float for an hour while I work with your dog.  Then we reconvene afterwards to reconnect - your dog with a new perspective, and you with a clear, relaxed mind.  It's a model that I've been envisioning ever since I got started with Natural Dog Training, and exploring the human/canine connection, so I'm really looking forward to...well...experimenting.  With you! 🙂  More about that in an upcoming post.  Hope you're having a great day!