Sarasota Dog has released an interview that I did with Mary Lou Davidson a week or so ago, where we talk about how Natural Dog Training works and what makes it so great.  You can listen to it by following this link: Neil Sattin interview with Sarasota dog.  I think that all of the practice that I've been getting has made a difference, as this interview is definitely a step up in my ability to articulate some simple truths about the way that I train dogs.

Last week I was off in the Pacific Northwest, with taped interviews in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, BC, as well as a live interview on Vancouver Breakfast TV.  I'll let you know when I get word of when the taped pieces will be airing.  Between the travel and the moving, I've been rather distracted from the day-to-day around here - which has been frustrating!  But never fear - there's a backlog of interesting stuff to write about, as well as some special opportunities for you that you'll be hearing more about in the next week or two.