Last night Kevin Behan and I were hanging out  (so to speak - we were on the phone), and we recorded an interview for your listening pleasure.  For those of you new to the Naturaldogblog, Kevin is the creator of "Natural Dog Training", and was the person who helped me turn my overly aggressive dog Nola into a shining beacon of sociability.  As I realized just before the call, that was SEVEN years ago (wow - time flies)!  I'm really excited to be kicking off a new series here on the Natural Dog Blog - where I'll be interviewing interesting people, and - hopefully - also giving you opportunities to get on live conference calls to ask these interesting people your interesting questions.  This call is about eighty minutes long, and in it we cover such diverse topics as:

  • How Kevin Behan got started (and evolved) as a dog trainer
  • The Breakthroughs that led Kevin to his current understanding of how dogs work - they'll transform the way you think about dogs.
  • What's going to be in Kevin's new book ("Your Dog Is Your Mirror", coming out in October, 2010)
  • The emotional dynamics at work when your dog is with another dog
  • Practical steps to quickly gain new insight into your dog's behavior
  • and much, much more...

There's not much idle chit-chat here - this is 80 minutes packed with great information to completely rock your perspective on why dogs (and humans) do what they do.  Or, for those of you who have been following along on the Naturaldogblog for awhile, enhance your understanding.  Here's a link to play (or download) the .mp3 of our call:

Neil Sattin Interviews Kevin Behan

We are also going to be having a conference call with Kevin Behan within the next few weeks, and it will be an opportunity for you to talk to us live and get your questions answered.  So stay tuned - as soon as we have confirmed a date then I'll let you know how you can register for that call.

Also, I will eventually be making transcripts of this interview available for those of you who prefer reading to listening.

I'm really looking forward to providing you with even more opportunities to learn from (and about) top notch trainers from across the spectrum.  Feel free to send suggestions my way of people you'd like to meet!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the interview...

So come on over to the forum, and let me know what you think!  It might also be a good place to start listing questions that you have for the upcoming conference call.  Happy listening, and welcome to Natural Dog Blog Radio.  🙂