As a follow-up to the interview that I did with Kevin Behan at the beginning of the month, we conducted a live Q&A conference call a couple weeks later.  We had some great questions from callers all over the country, and I thought you would appreciate being able to hear the results.  On this call, we cover questions such as:

  • Dog aggression (with a guest's dog, dog's on walks, between females, etc.)
  • The needs of a multiple-dog household
  • How a change in your habits can affect your dog
  • The ideal way to handle Socialization and Walks with a younger dog
  • How to help a dog who flips out with hyperfriendliness when  you come home
  • Teaching your dog to bark - the right way
  • Increasing a dog's desire to play
  • And more!

And here is the conference call, in its entirety, for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!

Download or Listen to the Live Conference Call:
Conference Call Q&A with Neil Sattin and Kevin Behan

During the call, we mentioned a few articles and techniques.  Here are the relevant links for you:

Neil Sattin's article on What to Do When Your Dog Is Aggressive

Neil Sattin's article on Teaching Your Dog to Bark (aka "Where's the Danger?" or "Predator")

Kevin Behan's YouTube video on taking your dog to the vet (link here, embedded video below)

I am going to be posting more interviews and, if we're lucky, more free conference calls over the coming months - so stay tuned.  If you have any suggestions for people you'd like me to interview, please let me know.  In the meantime, keep moosing!