A few weeks ago, we had a free conference call with Lee Charles Kelley, where callers had the opportunity to ask questions about whatever is going on with their dogs and get answers from Lee (and yours truly). I personally love these calls, as it allows you to get a sense of how Natural Dog Training principles can be applied in your specific situation, with the added benefit of learning from the questions asked by others on the call.  Like with the conference call with Kevin Behan, you also get the perspective of a couple different trainers - so you get to hear the subtle differences in how we approach problems as well - or how we collaborate in coming up with solutions.

We recorded the call for posterity - and you can now download the .mp3 and listen to it at your leisure.  Some of the topics addressed include:

  • A woman with a 100-lb dog who persistently fights at the fence with her neighbor's dog.
  • A teacup Yorkie who goes a little crazy and pees in the house when guests come over.
  • A dog who has suddenly developed the habit of barking at people passing by the house.

Over the course of the call, Lee and I get a chance to talk about all sorts of different techniques for addressing these issues.  We mention several links on both of our websites, and I will list them here for your convenience:

  1. Neil's article on How to be the predator (and use it in your training)
  2. Lee's article on Dogs and Doorways
  3. Lee's article on how to play with and train a puppy
  4. Lee's article called "Conflict 101"
  5. Lee's article called "Leash Training 102"
  6. Neil's article on how to use Redirection/Rechanneling to turn your dog's attraction to something else into greater attraction to you.
  7. Lee's article "Chasing Squirrels"

We'll keep doing these conference calls, so stay tuned for more announcements!  Here's the link to the recording - you can listen and/or download:

Conference Call with Lee Charles Kelley and Neil Sattin

After you've listened, I'd love your thoughts!  Here's the thread in the forum for discussing the Conference Call with Lee Charles Kelley.