I just got a bit of sad news.  Josie, an enthusiastic dog who was one of the stars of my instructional DVD set, is no longer with us.

josie close to the camera

Josie also happened to have been one of the dogs that I worked with before this website existed, and it was my desire to have a more permanent repository of "how to do" what we were doing in our lessons that led to the NaturalDogBlog.  I really enjoyed working with her and her family - as I recall she was all charged up and ready to go for our first lesson - in the middle of an icy winter!  We played an endless game of tug/fetchtug in over a foot of snow in the backyard, and everyone in her family got into the game despite freezing our fingertips off.

I think you also get a real sense of her joie-de-vivre in the DVDs too.  She was the perfect example of how a high-energy dog can be right there with you, in the pocket, with the full force of their emotion wrapped up in trying to guess what you're going to do next.  I'll definitely treasure the memories that I have of our time together - we had a lot of fun, to be sure.

My love to all of you and your pets - past, present, and future.  Josie, you are missed.

black dog running joie de vivre

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