In my review of Grandma Bowser’s biscuits a month or so ago, I mentioned that I had a secret weapon when it comes to doggie treats.  I call it my “secret weapon” because at this point most people don’t recognize what I’m giving their dog when I first use it (that’s the “secret” part), and because (knock on wood) I have NEVER had a dog refuse to eat this special treat (that’s the “weapon” part).  In fact, they usually come back, eagerly, for seconds and thirds.  What do I use?  Dr. Harvey’s Freeze-Dried Tripe Power Patties.

Power Patties In Hand

I was actually contacted by Wendy Shankin-Cohen of Dr. Harvey’s (slogan: Fine Health Foods for Companion Animals) awhile back, when I was doing the writing and pre-production for my instructional DVD set.  She was wondering if she could send me some products for my review, and I said “yes” with a caveat that it would probably be awhile before I got around to checking it out.  A box arrived in the mail, with an assortment of their products, but the pace of life at the time (young baby Zella about to be born) kept me from really paying much attention.

Destiny, meet freeze-dried tripe

However, one day I was headed out to a lesson, and I didn’t have any hot dogs in the fridge.  First impressions can be everything with dogs and humans, so whenever I meet a new (hungry) dog I like to have something especially tasty in my pouch for our first contact.  I mentioned something to my wife about having to allow some time to go to the store en route, and she casually asked “how about that box of treats and food that you just got in the mail?”

Sometimes – actually frequently – the universe lines up to give you exactly what you need.  And then my wife clubs me over the head to remind me.  In this case, it was a pouch-full of freeze dried tripe.

I can’t remember which dog was the first lucky recipient.  What I DO remember is that from that moment on, I always made sure I had some of these tripe treats with me whenever I went out for a lesson.

Nola Eats Power Patty

Perfect Training Treat:  Thy name be "Tripe"

From my perspective, they’re a perfect treat.  It’s simply tripe* (nothing added), which as I understand (from Dr. Harvey Cohen himself) has the perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus for a dog’s digestive system, along with  omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and a whole mess of other nutrients.  So they’re VERY healthy for dogs.  Because they’re freeze-dried, they’re not messy, and you can also easily break apart a single “power patty” to give you multiple treating opportunities (or for smaller dogs).  So they’re convenient.  And, as I said – dogs LOVE them.  Seemingly without exception.

Neil Almost Eats Power Patty

Just kidding. Don't do this.

As I mentioned, nearly two years has passed since then.  I guess it was finally time to let you all in on the secret to great rapport with a new dog.  And you thought it was all the meditation that I’ve been doing!  Well, knowing how to “Be the Moose” does help.  And so does a fistful of freeze-dried tripe.  Please feel free to head over to the Dr. Harvey’s site to find out more about their power patties and the other products that they offer.

This is actually part-one of my review of Dr. Harvey’s.  I’ve been conducting a trial recently using their “Canine Health” dog food premix, in conjunction with a cooked fresh meat diet for Nola.  And I’ve got even more good things to say – coming soon.  All-in-all, I’m impressed with the Dr. Harvey’s company – both in terms of their commitment to healthy dogs, and in terms of their commitment to providing their customers with the knowledge necessary to make the right decisions for themselves and their pets.

* The tripe comes from cows raised here in the USA, without chemicals or injections, and is freeze-dried in a small plant specifically for Dr. Harvey's - then packaged by hand.