The Perfect Puppy Plan

Four Essential Steps for a Healthy, Happy Pup If you have a puppy, congratulations!  Now's the time to give a little thought to what you're actually going to do to get things right with your pup.  And it’s wise to think twice about your approach – because, as they...

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Rest in Peace Josie

I just got a bit of sad news.  Josie, an enthusiastic dog who was one of the stars of my instructional DVD set, is no longer with us. Josie also happened to have been one of the dogs that I worked with before this website existed, and it was my desire to have a more...

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Amazing Results!

I’ve been pushing and playing tug with my 1 year old Lab (Aengus) each morning for the past month or so and the results have been tremendous. Before I started using NDT techniques, Aengus would give all of his energy to other dogs but not much to me or my wife.

Now, he leaps at me when we are pushing and tugging. I’ve also taught him to speak in the last couple of weeks and this really gets his energy up during our exercises. His recall over the past month has progressed to the point where I can immediately call him away from playing with other dogs. We also regularly play hide and seek with him and he comes charging after the hidden person.

My relationship with Aengus is so much more satisfying now and I look forward to making the bond even stronger. Thanks!
Don, New York